Prof Dr. Fredmund Malik
"Die Welt des Peter Drucker"

Anmerkungen zum gleichnamigen Buch von Jack Beatty 

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Bob Buford
Ten Principles for Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life from Peter Drucker

Success and significance offer many of the same benefits but one brings a better nights sleep and a true level of contentment.  For well over a decade I have been pouring resources into helping churches, organizations and individuals accomplish significance in my own search for significance.  Through these experiences I have learned that success is fleeting—it is always relative and short-term in nature.  Significance offers contentment because it can only be accomplished outside of ones self through efforts to improve other peoples lives. 

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Elizabeth Haas Edersheim
"A tribute to Peter F. Drucker"

We did not leave our homes, our families, and our routines to come to California on this spring weekend to enjoy the sun.  We came to say thank you.  Thank you to Peter Ferdinand Drucker.  He asked us to think, to play to our strengths, to do what is right.  In turn, he helped each of us clarify our ambition and elevate our expectations of ourselves.  He helped us embark on journeys that took us to places we never thought we’d see.  That is why we are here.   

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