NOVEMBER 18-19, 2010, Vienna, Austria


A time of great change – a moment of truth

We are living a moment of truth. The traditional models of running our society and our economy seem to have reached their limits. Change an innovation is required more than ever. Peter Drucker has always emphasized the importance of management as a role in society – not only for business but for all purpose driven institutions and organizations such as non-profit, education, health, public services or civil society. What roles and responsibilities will managers have in the future and how should they participate in shaping the next society?

A Platform to give a voice to management

The Peter Drucker-Forum 2010 marks the conclusion of a series of events related to the Peter Drucker Centennial. It is at the same time the starting point for exploring the challenges for management in the future. After having paid tribute to Peter F. Drucker, we are now moving on – yet, not without keeping his practical wisdom, his values and his humanity in mind.

The Forum 2010 will explore what Peter Drucker called “The Next Society” and it highlights the management challenges and opportunities that it brings about. Thus it will provide the basis for future events that will drill deeper into specific aspects of management in the 21st century.

Executives and managers, academics, thought leaders, experts and bestselling authors will provide the stimulus for the discussion. A special focus will be given to the young generation – approximately 15 % of the conference attendees will be invited based on an essay contest for young people – the global Peter Drucker Challenge. To learn more click here.